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My kids love doing some simple classic roleplay or RPG. They are not looking for some advanced system or sophisticated character building over many game-sessions. All they (and I) want is to have is a couple of fun hours of classic roleplaying, hacking some monsters and solving a riddle or two. So all that is needed is a few characters, a tiny plot or adventure and a minimal set of decisions regarding some die-rolls. And we are set to go.
But it takes some time to prepare it anyway and really, it could be both fun and practical if I could share such mini-plots with other likeminded dads (and mums) that like to have some hours of roleplaying fun with the kids.
So here it is; Instant Roleplay - a place to grab a self-contained plot that can be found, played after 5 minutes and be over and done with in just a few hours. I hope there are others who want to participate in this.


  • Reuben's Castle - A small party is lost in the Black Forest on the way to a neighbouring village. In the fog, they stumble across the castle of an evil shape-shifting goblin wizard. [NEW, Jan 13, 2009]
  • The Kobolds' Treasure - The Adventurers must discover what the kobolds are up to before its too late. [NEW, Jan 13, 2009]
  • White Fall and the Orcs - The Adventurers must deal with a murder mystery – who attacked first? The orcs or the elf and Halfling? [NEW, Jan 13, 2009]
  • The Dragon Slayers - In the mystical land of Avelon, three brave heroes set out to slay two monstrous dragons that leave a trail of destruction. [NEW, Jan 11, 2009]
  • Star-crossed - An elven king wants his daughter rescued from her kidnappers, but it's not all what it seems. [NEW, Jan 11, 2009]
  • Fatal But Not Serious - The adventurers must defend a village of pastry-makers against a band of dancing ninjas and other unusual threats. [NEW, Jan 11, 2009]
  • Necromansion - The players are tasked to rescue a little girl held captive in the attic of a mansion. Conveniently, said mansion is haunted. [NEW, Jan 10, 2009]
  • The Kraken Device - The Captain and his crew of the spaceship Starfire must recover a powerful and ancient piece of technology; otherwise, the universe is doomed. [NEW Jan 9, 2009]
  • Problems in Fertile Valley - three characters must help Fertile Valley becoming fertile again by defeating some evil were-creatures [Jan 3, 2009]
  • The missing Sword of Righteous Rule - the party must help the King recover the missing Sword of Righteous Rule and restore order to the kingdom [Jan 3, 2009]

How to use it

Look at the list of plots, grab one, print it and start playing.
Note: On the "page"-tab at the top of each page, you will find a "print" option for a printer-friendly page layout.


You should be familiar with role-playing, classic D&D style. The mini-plots will give you a story-line and notes for getting it rolling.
You need a basic set of dice, paper and pencil, the kitchen table, some kids and a couple of hours.
Regarding rules, use whatever simplified set of rules mimicking some system, you are familiar with and a complexity level that fits you. Simple is best :-)
My experience is that what matters to the kids is an interesting story, some fighting and dice-rolling and a bit of riddle challenge.
Be ready to make up whatever is needed on the fly - want initiative rolls? - use them according to your taste. Want saving throws? Make up a roll that gives a save. Remember, the notion here is to get some roleplaying and excitement going, not unfolding some complicated and consistent system.
Want ability scores? let the kids roll something and let them form some funny character traits based on it, but don't start defining tables that regulate all sorts of aspects of the game. Just postulate rolls, when needed.
The essence here is that you get the basic skeleton of a plot that can be played in a few hours. And that's what it's all about: On the spur of a moment - quickly getting a game started and having fun with the kids.
Of course, you are welcome to use the plots whatever way you want - so using them with some specific system or pre-existing characters is fine as well, obviously.

Other resources

On the resource page, I have collected some resources that are helpful when creating Instant Roleplays. Many of the resources have ready-to-use story lines and require varying amounts ot time to make ready for play.

Want to contribute?

This is a completely open Wiki. If you like the idea and have an instant plot that you have already played or just thought of one, please add it. There is a generic template for an Instant Roleplay that you can copy and fill in.
Or if you know a great resource for Instant Roleplaying, please add it on the Resource page.

Here is how:

  • Edit the front page, add a line with the plot or adventure name
  • Highlight the plot name
  • Click on the link-tool (Earth-with-link icon) and press OK
  • This automatically creates a new, linked page
  • Type in your adventure. It could be as minimal as just a story line, but a little more detail (a few characters, some hitpoints and such) will help in making the gameplay really instant for those using it. Remember, the users are seasoned RPG players, so they can easily fill in the gaps, as long as the basic structure is there. So don't go into too much detail, that will just make it harder to use instantly.
If you don't want the hassle of typing it into the WIKI, just mail it to me on, and I'll put it online for you.



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